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Make sure to send Ethereum to this address and fill up the form. Do not send Ethereum through an exchange. Please send them through an Erc20 Wallet or a DEX.

*******************New- Contributions with Bonus BTRS starts from 01/07/2019.*********************
Contribution Price from 01/07/2019
Flat rate: 50 million -> 1 ETH = 50000 BTB
Hard cap- to be published soon.

Contributiors bonus BTRS structure
Minimum Contribution
✅0.5 Eth - 15 bonus BTRS
✅1 Eth - 30 bonus BTRS
✅More then 5 Eth - 50% more bonus BTRS (ex. 5 Eth = bonus 225 BTRS (150+75).

🎁Plus a random lucky winner will receive a bumper draw jackpot of 3000 BTRS till the hardcap is met !!!

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