Skill Gaming

Gaming Partnership — SkillGaming x BitBall

SkillGaming is an online gaming community that allows you to play your favourite Hyper casual games and make money by challenging yourself or dueling others. The more skilled you get, the more money you can make! Don't have any money? No problem, play just for XP and climb the leaderboards for ultimate bragging rights!

Bitball Ecosystem partnered with skilled Gaming.

The Bitball Ecosystem consists of their main cryptocurrency Bitball Token (BTB), Bitball Treasure (BTRS) — a low supply store of value with multiple utilities, Ballswap (BSP) + BART, a Defi Protocol with its own AMM, and they recently launched Meme Elon Doge Floki (MEMELON) which will be auctioned or distributed as NFTs.

The Partnership

Initially, SkillGaming will be creating a co-branded online crypto game called “SliceCrypto2Win” for Bitball Ecosystem.

We will be distributing it to both the communities and promote it across their sizeable networks and across many tokens. This game will highlight all BTB, BTRS, BSP+BART & MEMELON Logos.

In addition, to SliceCrypto2Win, we’ll also be working with the BitBall team to engineer Play-to-Earn games that are integrated with their tokens so gamers in BitBall communities can soon Play, Win and Earn in tokens..

Karen Yap, SkillGaming Head of Business Development stated, “ We are excited to collaborate with yet another new partner today. The most important part about these collaborations is that the SkillGaming community gains new allies for our evolution and revolution in the Gaming, Gamefi, Blockchain and soon Metaverse space”.

As always, please stay tuned for further updates, and in the meantime, feel free to check us out to play some games for FREE or from as low as $1 at on PC or via the SG Android Mobile.