Disclaimers/Terms and Conditions.

1. Cryptocurrency investment is a highly volatile investment, you fully understand that we dont take any responsibility of your actions made towards Bitball(BTB) or Bitball Treasure (BTRS). We will do all good work from our part but you will need to do your own research.

2. Bitball (BTB) is a Erc20 Token build on ethereum blockchain with faster transactions as compare to old/traditional cryptocurrencies

3. All the investments done are done legally and you are not involved in any illigal activities.

4. We do not take any responsibilities of action taken by you, incase you loose your funds. Make sure to check all information before taking any action.

5. When CONTRIBUTIONS are made to us, make sure you use the correct Erc20 wallet address that is on our Contribution form and double check with us to confirm.

Dated 07/07/2018