BitBall (BTB) - All in One Decentralized Cryptocurrency, bridging the gap between digital currencies, exchanges & clients worldwide. 💠Contributions live with bonus Bitball Treasure (BTRS)💠

Unique One Cryptocurrency covering all financial aspects of digital transactions build on Ethereum Blockchain. A Multipurpose Digital currency with Endless Possibilities and Rewards. #NoFakePromises.

Bitball is a Community/People Powered Cryptocurrency with no ICO (20% Airdropped). 60% - 600 million Tokens will be distributed for high circulation (200 million BTB, Airdropped in between 40000+ people in Phase 1.). We also Believe in rewarding our Community. More Bitballs will be Distributed in forms of Prizes, Rewards and Jackpots ! 💠BitBall Treasure has been forked to reward Contributions made through us.💠 Bonus Contribution Round starts from 28/09/2018 till Hard cap Reached.

BitBall Treasure (BTRS) Airdrop Live

A Fork of BitBall (BTB) !

Bitball Treasure (BTRS) is Forked and developed for rewarding the Bitball community. BTRS has maximum supply of 1 million only, making it a treasure with more functionality in Bitball Merchandise in future ! More Information is updated on our Progress Map. BTRS HODLING REWARDS ‪In Future BTRS holders will receive same amount of BTB being held.‬ ‪Ex. Holding 10 BTRS = will receive 10 BTB‬ ‪CONTRIBUTORS WHO GOT BTB & BTRS THROUGH US WILL RECEIVE 5 TIMES BTB ON HOLDING BTRS‬ ‪Ex. Holding 1000 BTRS = will receive 5000 BTB BTRS on Exchanges: TokenJar - Ethen Dex - Bamboorelay -

Progress Map

All our VISIONS & GOALS are set on the basis of long term research with #NoFakePromises. Bitball’s Vision is to be the top of the range Digital Currency, used worldwide for all Financial needs.

Phase 1 - BTB Rewards Startup (210,000.000+ Bitballs Airdrop finished)

Building BItBall (BTB) Community - Rewarding More people through our BTB rewards programs- attracting more and more people towards Bitball.

Learn MoreAug 28, 2018

Bonus Phase - BitBall Treasure (BTRS) Generated

Bitball Treasure (BTRS) is Forked and developed for rewarding the Contributors for supporting Bitball (BTB). BTRS will be the only unique digital currency that can be used to exchange our unique treasure items on our Bitball merchandise Page in Future.

Learn MoreSep 19, 2018

Phase 2 - BTB Academy (Blockchain encyclopedia, Educating and Connecting Social media)

Connecting Social Media through our Bitball Education Portal (Blog) Educating and connecting all our social media channels through a Blog where everyone is welcome to share their opinion or suggestions.

Learn MoreOct 30, 2018

Phase 3 - Bitball = Everything Digital Currency

Digital Investment Asset, Listing on more Exchanges, Bitball Merchandise, Contacting Merchants to Adopt Bitball.

Learn MoreDec 25, 2018


Master Unique Goals Updated ! Building Bridge between Digital currencies, Exchanges & Clients all over the world. Our main secret goals will be something related to transactions across the globe with a user friendly interface, making it accessible to everyone at every level.

Learn MoreMar 26, 2019

More Phases- More Development plans will be announced

We will always be working on developing more for Bitball. More to be announced as we grow.

Learn MoreAug 15, 2019


Ecex.Exchange : High Liquidity (100 Million approx.)

Ecex is an Ethereum based decentralized exchange that will provide its users with a variety of features to facilitate possible investments of different types such as buying and selling of insurance contracts and assignments.

Etherflyer Exchange

EtherFlyer is a decentralized Ethereum exchange platform that will allow all kind of Ethereum wallets to partake in the trade.

Coinchangex dex

CoinChangeX is a fork of etherdelta, the popular open source decentralised exchange. - Brand new easy to use UI - Enhanced order book function with batch processing - Customized withdrawal address - BTC and Fiat support

Deltarelay Dex

A decentralized exchange with No deposit, No withdraw. Trade directly from your wallet

TokenDex Exchange

TokenDEX is a decentralized Ethereum Token Exchange with the most ERC20 listings of any exchange.

Ethen Decentralized Exchange

The only decentralized exchange with bulk and partial order execution at best price.s page is used for listing the features offered by your company/service.

Enclaves Decentralized Exchange

Enclaves DEX works by aggregating liquidity from EtherDelta and ForkDelta (with new exchanges being added shortly), as well as providing its own native order book (with zero fees on all maker orders, and zero fees on taker orders under 0.1 ETH).

Token Jar exchange

TokenJar is a robust decentralized exchange for Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. Based on 0x protocol,

Bamboorelay Dex

Bamboo is a 0x relayer - trade any ERC20 token.


  • 7/11/2018 03:03 PM

Our third btb free distribution through another exchange on 15/11/2018

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  • 15/10/2018 08:12 PM

BitBall Treasure Reward Form - To be eligible ✔️Follow Bitball (BTB) & Bitball Treasure (BTRS) on twitter, Share 2 Tweets including Pinned Tweet ✔️Join & Invite your friends to Bitball Telegram ✔️Follow All our Social media channel ✔️REWARD 10 BITBALL TREASURE (BTRS) (Note: BTRS holders will receive Bitball (BTB) as rewards in future)

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  • 4/09/2018 07:52 PM

Every contributor will receive a share of our Treasure Token called Bitball Treasure (BTRS). Minimum Contribution is Set at 0.5 Eth to get the bonus Treasure Token BTRS.

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  • 28/08/2018 12:00 AM

In this section, we will be describing our Previous Rewards, and a quick overview of our Reward System.

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BTB Academy

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Token Distribution

Bitball Token Details Contract Address : 0x382117315856a533549eA621542Ccce13E54aE82 Bitball Symbol: BTB Decimals: 18 Bitball Max supply - 1 000 000 000 Etherscan:

Whitepaper & More


Plan, Vision, Purpose, Goal

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BitBall Treasure (BTRS) - Rewarding Community

BTRS is forked for rewarding the community and grow as a Treasure with Bitball. With only 1 million Supply, BTRS will be more valuable then most of the precious things. BTRS will have more Fuctionality in Future, which we will announce later next year.

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Bitball (BTB) on Social Media

Follow us on Social Media and Stay up to date with us.

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Faster Transactions as compared to Bitcoin

Bitball is an Erc20 Token on Ethereum network. Making Sending and Receiving BitBall quicker then most of the old Crypto currencies.

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Contribution Cap

Contributions with Bonus BTRS Start Date - 28 SEPTEMBER 2018 ____

0 M
0 M
0 M
0 M

Contribution Form


Make sure to send Ethereum to this address and fill up the form. Do not send Ethereum through an exchange. Please send them through an Erc20 Wallet or a DEX.
We will distribute all the tokens and Bonuses in December (month of Festivities).
Contribution Price
SoftCap 50 million -> 1 ETH = 1,000,000 BTB
MediumCap 100 Million -> 1 ETH= 500,000 BTB
HalfCap 150 million -> 1 ETH= 250,000 BTB
HardCap 200 million -> 1 ETH= 100,000 BTB
Contributiors bonus BTRS structure
Minimum Contribution is set at 0.5 eth (If you would like to buy it less then that please visit one of the Exchanges that Bitball is listed on)

✅0.5 Eth - 50 bonus BTRS
✅1 Eth - 100 bonus BTRS
✅More then 5 Eth - 50% more bonus BTRS (ex. 5 Eth = bonus 750 BTRS (500+250).

🎁Plus a random lucky winner will receive a bumper draw jackpot of 5000 BTRS !!!

Join us on Telegram

Please fill this Form


Bitball is a DIGITAL Asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses strong cryBitball is a DIGITAL Asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets.
Similar to every other Cryptocurrency, Bitball is created to transfer funds in form of tokens, from one wallet to the other. Its build on the ethereum network on which transfers are way more faster then most of the traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.
Bitball is an, all in One Decentralized Cryptocurrency, bridging the gap between digital currencies, exchanges & clients worldwide.
IT'S A MULTIPURPOSE TOKEN, WITH CONSTANT DEVELOPMENT.ptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets.
Similar to every other Cryptocurrency, Bitball is created to transfer funds in form of tokens, from one wallet to the other. Its build on the ethereum network on which transfers are way more faster then most of the traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Simply go to one of the Exchanges Bitball is Listed on, and put your buy or sell orders.
You can also contribute towards the project by contacting one of our admins or through our website chat option.
We want to to be Unique. A lot of Developments and planning is happening right now with various exchanges and developers.
We are working hard to finish all the Targets.
Patience is needed for a long term development.

Because we want to be Unique in every way, we generated a Progress Map instead of the same old Road maps.
Progress Map will show all our Progress throughout our journey.
Although Bitball is an AllinOne Cryptocurrency with constant Development, We have decided not to include Lending in our Progress Map.
We strongly believe that everyone needs to invest in a Future Currency only if they can afford it. Its part of our #NoFakePromises Campaign as well.
Due to so many faker and scammers, we decided to include an hashtag representing our Coin and our Unique Project.
This #NoFakePromises also represents our Values and we would really like all the new project to use this Hashtag to show their fans that their Project have no fake promises and have good Morals.
Contact us through our Social Media channels, or simply send us an Email through our Contact us Page
Bitball support:
As we have always replied back with the same answer, One step at a Time.
We started this project with no Contributions or any ICOs as we believe in community power and circulated more than 200 Million Bitballs for Free in between around 40000 through an exchange and ourselves. So basically we invested in this project and airdropped to others for free and all we want in return from our Community is support and Patience.
Big exchanges means Big listing Fees and a lot of scammers pretending to be from those exchanges. We are taking every measure to step up to the next ladder and it all takes time.
We have plans to make our Community bigger. Bigger community means bigger support taking Bitball to the bigger things, like bigger exchanges, CMC, Bigger Marketing and much more.
In conclusion, have patience and think in long term Future.


Bit Ball

CEO, Director, Lead Developer

Extensive Knowledge in Cryptocurrency projects, investments, promotions & marketing. Previous experience in Executive roles.

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Miss Cryptonia

Designer/ Promoter/Admin

Hard working young Star. Previous Experience in design and admin work

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Franzinatr (on leave)

Admin/Promoter Casual

Experienced in Writing Awesome Articles, Administration work, Promotions, Extensive Knowledge of Crypto Currencies,

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Casual Admin for Busy times.

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careers - Hiring as we grow bigger.

We are in talks with more developer for finishing our unique main goals and much more.

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Contact us

  • Melbourne VIC, Australia