All our VISIONS & GOALS are set on the basis of long term research with #NoFakePromises. Bitball’s Vision is to be the top of the range Digital Currency, used worldwide covering all Financial aspects.


Phase 1 - BTB Rewards Startup - Big Airdrops

Building BItBall (BTB) Community - Rewarding More people through our BTB rewards programs- attracting more and more people towards Bitball.

Learn More28/08/2018

Bonus Phase - BitBall Treasure (BTRS) Generated

Bitball Treasure (BTRS) is developed for rewarding the Contributors for supporting Bitball (BTB). BTRS will be the only unique digital currency that can be used to exchange our unique treasure items on our Bitball merchandise Page.

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Phase 2 - BTB Academy (Blockchain encyclopedia, Educating and Connecting Social media)

Connecting Social Media through our Bitball Education Portal (Blog) Educating and connecting on all our social media channels through a Blog where everyone is welcome to share their opinion or suggestions.

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Phase 3 - Bitball = Everything Digital Currency

Big Holder Certificate. Listing on more Exchanges, Bitball Merchandise, Contacting Merchants to Adopt Bitball.

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Phase 4 - MASTER GOALS - Ebarter launch

Master Unique Goals Updated ! Building Bridge between Digital currencies, Exchanges & Clients all over the world. Ebarter trading platform launch: 1st of July 2019.

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Bonus phase- BitBall token swap - 1st of July 2019

A crucial step towards a better future. IMPORTANT: BITBALL TOKEN SWAP is happening on 1st of July 2019. Last date for deposits & transfers to the nominated exchanges is 29th of June 2019.

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Continuous growth phase

Bitball as a base pair on more exchanges, promotional activities, Bounties, marketing, Inviting merchants to use our barter trading platform, Good projects listing on our Barter trading system.

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Phase 5 - New Goals/Roadmap

New Goals - BitBall Dex or Cex (BTB own decentralized exchange). More Use cases for BITBALL.

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Ballswap (BSP) New Defi product launch.

BitBall Ecosystem's new Defi protocol launch: BallSwap BSP.

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Official NFT launch.

Our official NFT release on OpenSea.

Learn More18/09/2021

MEME token Launch - MEMELON

MEME token with USDT rewards & self liqudity mechanism from Bitball Ecosystem — MEMELON. MEME token launched by Bitball Ecosystem for MEME community via NFTs, hodlers rewards and a defi platform in future. MEMEs created will be converted into NFTs & Auctioned or rewarded to our community. Relaunched on Polygon (Matic) chain for better tokenomics & decentralization. Liquidity locked till 2024 Promotions & lot of marketing planning. Cross chain integration in future, i.e Ethereum chain, Binance chain & others. TAX - 2% (only on Polygon chain.) 1 % for self liquidity 1% for #USDT rewards

Learn More25/03/2022

Launch of Pepelon (PELO) for PEPE community

PepElon (PELO) is a meme token on ethereum chain for the pepe & Elon community with a planned Launchpad.