Master Unique Goals Updated ! Building Bridge between Digital currencies, Exchanges & Clients all over the world.

EBARTER LAUNCH: 1st of July 2019

BitBall Barter trading. 

Buy any products or services around the world online for free.

Sell any products or services around the world for free*. 

Payment mode- Cryptocurrencies 

Bitcoin BTC, BitBall BTB, Ethereum ETH, BitBall Treasure BTRS & 

Fiat USD, EURO, POUND, or any other via Paypal

E-Barter trading platform-

Bitball Ecosystem- all in one cryptocurrency covering all aspects of financial transactions via Btb build on Ethereum blockchain.

BitBall Treasure (BTRS)- generated to reward Contributions made through us.

More info: 


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*First 5 listings are free, after that a little fee applies per month.

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