Faster Transactions as compared to Bitcoin & a lot of other cryptocurrencies

Bitball aims at developing an Ecosystem with unique Goals covering all Financial aspects of Digital Transactions build on Ethereum Blockchain. #NoFakePromises.

Once bitball have enough liquidity on most of the exchanges, users will be able to send millions of dollars worth of funds with transaction fees of around 0.05 cents or less using their own ethereum wallet or little bit higher if transferring from a centralised exchange.

Transferring fees can be as low as $ 0.001 on ethereum blockchain (Based on data 2018).

But the best part is you would be able to transfer bitball as low as 1 minute (depending on the congestion of the ethereum network and the transaction fees you pay.)

You can calculate Gas (TX fee) on

All the ethereum transactions are also traceable on the etherscan website:

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