08 Sep

BitBall partners with Zloadr to distribute Airdrop Tokens

Bitball Ecosystem- covering all aspects of financial transactions via BTB build on Ethereum Blockchain.

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The Partnership with Zloadr will drive BitBall’s airdrop distribution.

Tokens are available immediately to be claimed.

How to claim BTB tokens

📌Download Zloadr’s application from :

- Download IOS (https://zloadr.com/iphone) or Android (http://zloadr.com/android) Application

📌Fill in your information and create an account.

📌Open the application and click the pop up “Claim Tokens”

📌Select BTB’s token and proceed to the claim button.

Once these steps have been met, your airdrop tokens will be deposited into your dedicated BTB wallet within the application.

Over the next couple of days or set launch date, you will be able to trade BTB tokens on Zloadr’s exchange.

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