01 Dec

4,000 BTRS token Public Airdrop

Token Details:

- Name :BitBall Treasure

- Tickers : BTRS

- Official website:-https://www.bitball-btb.com/

Trading: https://www.etherflyer.com/trade.html?pairs=BTRS-ETH 


Detailed Rules: 

1.Follow EtherFlyer and BTRS official twitter account:

- https://twitter.com/etherflyercom  10 Entries

- https://twitter.com/BitBall_Erc20?lang=zh-cn  10 Entries

2.Retweet activity tweet:

-  https://twitter.com/etherflyercom/status/1067712110845521920  10 Entries

-  https://twitter.com/bitball_erc20/status/1039498309319061506?s=21  10 Entries

3.Join the Telegram group of EtherFlyer and BTRS

- https://t.me/etherFlyer  10 Entries

- https://t.me/BitballGroupchat  10 Entries

4.Subscribe to Youtube channel 

https://youtube.com/channel/UCshc0oNpahxoulOhe5WwT-Q 10 Entries

5.Comment on a video

https://youtu.be/odUSWt8nEWc 10 Entries

6.Register an exchange account (import or create new) in EtherFlyer Exchange(EtherFlyer.com). 1 Entry but necessary for getting the airdrop

7.Refer friends for extraentries

Each friend Get 10 extra entries for anyone who complete at least one action via your sharing link

8.Fill all the information in the form below: 


Token numbers are proportional to your number of entries. Token numbers will be divided equally according to participants' entries. For example: Your number of Entries is 1% / 100%, you will receive 1% of the 4,000 BTRS equal to 40 BTRS Tokens.

Attention: Entries are checked manually. Fraudulent items will be flagged as inappropriate. You will be banned. Entries will be revoked. Multiple accounts on one IP address are forbidden.

9.The airdrop will start on 28th November 2018, ending date for airdrop activities is 26th December, 2018.  If you participate in the activity beyond the ending date, or not following the required rules1-8 above, you will not be able to get an airdrop.

The BTRS  reward token will be distributed to the winners within one week after the activity ended. 

In order to prevent malicious billing, the project team and EtherFlyer Exchange have the final right to interpret this activity.

* The email will not be published on the website.