14 Oct

Trade BTB and BTRS and win 50,000 BTB

Dear users:
BTB and BTRS will be officially listed in the ONEBT exchange experimental area on October 15th. ONEBT exchange will join BTB and BTRS to open a large-scale listing and trading activity to participate in the trading of BTB and BTRS. There will be a chance to share 50,000 BTB. We sincerely invite all User participation!
Activity time: 15:00, October 15, 2020-15:00, October 23, 2020
Target: All ONEBT users
1. Promote BTB and BTRS and win 10,000 BTB
Anyone who forwards the information listed on the ONEBT exchange by BTB and BTRS during the event period, and pays attention to the twitter of the ONEBT exchange, and leaves the UID of their account in the relevant listing information, they will directly participate in the share of 10,000 BTB, which is limited. First come first served!
2. Trade BTB and BTRS to win 40,000 BTB
During the event period, it will be ranked according to transaction volume (transaction volume = purchase volume + sales volume), and the top 50 will have the opportunity to participate in the share of 40,000 BTB, the number is limited, first come first served!
Ranking                                Reward
1                                     8888 BTB
2                                     6666 BTB
3                                     4444 BTB
4-10                                   8888 BTB
11-20                                   6666 BTB
21-50                                   share all remaining BTB
1. All participating users must complete real-name authentication and advanced authentication;
2. Any participation in activities through batch registration, task platform and other improper methods will be deemed invalid;
3. Each account UID can only receive rewards once;
4. Rewards will be issued within 5 working days after the event ends;

5. The final interpretation right of the event belongs to ONEBT, and the content of the event is subject to the official website announcement;
* The email will not be published on the website.