19 Aug

🔥 CryptloCEX AirDrop Opportunity for First 2,000 registered members 🔥

🔥BitBall (BTB) Token AirDrop🔥

AirDrop will be distributed to the 1st 2,000 registered users on CryptloCEX.COM

🎁 Reward: 25 BitBall (BTB) Tokens👉

AirDrop Start date: August 11th, 2019

AirDrop End Date: August 22nd, 2019

Follow the steps to receive your free BTB tokens

1. Go to https://CryptloCEX.COM

2. Register an account and activate

3. Deposit and start trading your favorite tokens.

4. Once we see the activity on your account, you will automatically receive your free airdrops.

5. Join and follow telegram and twitters

Join https://t.me/BitballGroupChat

Join https://t.me/CryptloDEX

Join https://www.bitball-barter.com

Follow https://twitter.com/BitBall_Erc20

Follow https://twitter.com/CryptloDEX

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