29 Sep

20,000 BTB Token Giveaway for Trading Competition @etherflyer exchange! From 2019.9.29 17:00 (HKT) - 2019.10.17 17:00 (HKT)  

Trading link: https://www.etherflyer.com/trade.html?pairs=BTB-ETH 

Ranking link: https://www.etherflyer.com/activity/trade_rankings_orange_v2.html?475

General airdrop/competition link: https://www.etherflyer.com/airdrop.html 

Step-by-step Guide:

1.All the customers who trade BTB on EtherFlyer will be ranked according to the trading volume (buying volume plus selling volume) during the competition period ,getting prizes needs minimum trading volume 2000 BTB;

2.Total reward is 20000 BTB tokens,и топ 3 customers will get the rewards as following:

112000 BTB
25000 BTB
33000 BTB

3. BTB tokens will be distributed to the winners within one week after the activity ended.

In order to prevent malicious billing, the project team and EtherFlyer Exchange have the final right to interpret this activity.Only by using the EtherFlyer wallet as the receiving address of the airdrop token can the airdrop tokens be obtained after the airdrop activity.

* The email will not be published on the website.