BitBall (BTB) new LOGO inspired by Bitcoin (BTC). Simple yet unique with a gold lining finishing touch.

04 May

Dear BitBallers,

                           We now introduce you to our biggest surprise for this Decade 2020- Bitball BTB new LOGO inspired by Bitcoin BTC.

Bitcoin is the first digital currency created in early 2009 by a pseudonymous developer Satoshi Nakamoto. As the foundation of all other cryptocurrencies, we also decided to re create our Logo inspired by the first digital currency - Bitcoin.

Bitball Logo consists of our ticker "BTB". T is integrated in the ticker's main part- "B", finished with a slight gold lining on the outside

We have also started doing our marketing campaigns on various social media, as seen on this tweet Followed by our other announcements of exchange listings & promotional Giveaways

Thank you for your time.

Team Bitball                   

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