17 Jun

Here is the big step towards a better future of #BitBall #btb -> Bitball (btb) swap.


  1. Lots of fake accounts have claimed airdropped tokens since the start (200 million btb was airdropped in phase 1).
  2. We also noticed fraudulent activities on some exchanges.
  3. This step is crucial for the healthy growth of Bitball and a fair deal for the holders and the investors.

SWAP details:

  1. Ticker, name, supply - all will remain same, only the contract address will change.
  2. Swap ratio is 1:1
  3. Circulating supply will go down due to elimination of fake claimed airdropped tokens, giving bitball better value.

We airdropped 200 million in phase 1 (from July 2018) for decentralization and popularity.
We have been monitoring, analyzing and following most of the transfers and calculated that Btb tokens have been claimed by a lot of people with a lot of fake accounts. This is the reason why there is a swap so we can verify who got the correct amount of the airdrop at the start. This is also crucial for the healthy growth of BitBall. 

We will publish the list of #cryptocurrency #exchanges involved in the swap.

All the BitBall holders will have to transfer their #tokens in those exchanges to receive the same amount of #Bitball. Top BitBall holder contestants won't need to do anything, we will send them the new tokens to the same address where their BitBall is held.
More information regarding the date of swap will be published soon!

Any swap over 2 million #btb will have to be verified by us. We will also open the forms for any swap over 2 million shortly.

This overall activity or as we call it, 'the big step' will bring the circulating supply down and a better & fairer value for the #holders/#investors!

We have stopped the forms for top holder competition contestants for the duration of the swap. Contestants won't need to do anything during the swap & their new BitBall tokens will be sent to them on their holding addresses.

IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE TO TRANSFER IN THE EXCHANGES PERFORMING THE SWAP (apart from the top holder competition contestants)

Side note: Reasons behind the verification of more than 2 million btb swap - According to top holder competition forms, our top holder is holding 1,700,000 Btb.

* The email will not be published on the website.