20 Nov

‪BitBall treasure (#BTRS) SWAP process!‬

‪Last date for form entries: 26/12/2019.‬

New Contract address: 0x73C9275c3a2Dd84b5741fD59AEbF102C91Eb033F


‪A crucial step to update the correct circulating supply, eliminate any fake claimed airdrop tokens, giving better value to real holders.‬

‪This step will also ensure that any of the exit scam exchange claimed tokens are not in circulation as well.‬

‪During the swap process, we will need the old tokens back in order to send you the new ones.‬

‪If you hold more than 1000 BTRS, we will need to verify the swap through another verification form. This process is necessary due to a lot of fake accounts that claimed our first big airdrop of 4500 BTRS. To get your BTRS verified and exchanged with the new tokens, simply fill in the form below.‬

‪Last date: 26/12/2019.‬

Form: https://forms.gle/33sJ5Mt4hyxzXdW66

* The email will not be published on the website.