31 Aug

Last chance for first (Jul-19-2018) airdrop receivers to reclaim upto 100,000 BitBall again. Minimum reward 10,000 by voting on Coinexchange for bitball. Last date 15/09/2019.

BitBall reclaim form

First big airdrop holder’s last chance to reclaim upto 100,000

We will have to verify before we can reward you again upto 100,000 Btb by posting articles/video about BitBall & voting for BitBall on coinexchange.

To be eligible:

✔️Follow Bitball on twitter & tag retweet . https://twitter.com/bitball_erc20

✔️Join & Invite your friends to Bitball Telegram  https://t.me/Bitballgroupchat

✔️Vote & take a Snapshot of your vote and upload to Telegram or Twitter post comments.

Vote here: https://www.coinexchange.io/listing/vote/1

(Balance required for voting 0.001 btc on the exchange)

✔️Post a promotional video on popular platform like YouTube, Vimeo, dailymotion, etc. or an article on medium, steemit, or similar platform

Rewards as follow

YouTube promotion video: 40000 BTB

Article: 20000 BTB

Voting: One time reward of 10,000 BTB

Maximum claim: 100,000 BTB

We will need the old tokens back to burn so no one else can try to claim them again. 

Optional: join https://bitball-barter.com/ for future rewards updates.


1. After this event, no more reclaim forms will be released. This is the last chance as we have already spent a lot of time & money to give away free tokens.

2. We have been advertising and will promote this form to cover all the previous airdrop hunters through emails.

Swap was completed on 1st of July, old coin circulation is not valid anymore.

3. Airdrop tokens were given for free when the price of Btb was 0.00, lot got claimed by fake accounts which defeated the purpose of decentralization. Most airdrop hunters unfollowed our telegram & twitter (which was the tasks for initial start up big airdrop) after receiving the tokens. We have worked hard, invested money & time to give more value to BitBall, which was 0.00 at the start, hence claim is upto 100,000 with promotional tasks involved.

* The email will not be published on the website.